Solid State Science and Technology, Vol. 20, No 1 & 2 (2012) 62-67

ISSN 0128-7389



Oo Hooi Ming*, Halimah Mohamed Kamari and Wan Mohd Daud Wan Yusoff

PhysicsDepartment, Faculty of Science,

University Putra Malaysia, 43400 UPM Serdang,

Selangor, Malaysia

*Corresponding Author:



A series of holmium tellurite glasses (Ho2O3)x(TeO2)100-x were prepared by using normal quenching method. Holmium (III) oxide add as network modifier in the tellurite base glass and hence its effect the structural of the tellurite glass. The density and refractive index of this glass system increase when the holmium content increase. The molar volume of holmium tellurite glass decrease as holmium content increase. This is because of non bridging oxygen (NBO) was formed in the glass network. The XRD pattern show the structure of the glass sample and the result of the FTIR shows the bonding of the glass sample formed.


Keywords: Holmium (III) oxide; tellurite glass


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